Doggy Daycare -- $10 per day

Dogs need regular exercise and socialization to be happy and healthy. They'll get both at Doglandia! We have fully fenced front and back yards and an extra-large doggy door, so dogs are free to run and play all day! There are also plenty of dog beds and blankets for the dogs to lounge on. Best of all, dogs are walked for at least one hour a day on leash, or at the dog park. When dogs get the exercise they need on a regular basis, their behavior improves dramatically.

Pick up and drop off are not available for this service. First-time customers please see our requirements.

Dog Boarding -- $15 per night

With our kennel-free dog boarding your dog will get all the bells and whistles of doggy daycare (see below) -- including going on all the daily dog hikes. At night the dogs sleep in the house with us. Most sleep on one of our many dog beds. Some like to sleep curled up on the couch under a blanket. Animals are fed twice per day, and any medicine is given as directed by you.
* Day of Pickup -- Dogs picked up after 12:00 noon will be charged an additional $10 for daycare.*