• "I started taking Chester to Doglandia one year ago after previously taking him to a few commercial doggie daycare centers. Then I heard about Nikki from multiple people at the local dog park. She is one of the most kindest, patient, and understanding people I have ever met. She is very passionate and devoted about her work--it is extremely clear that there is nothing more she would rather be doing than running her own doggie day care business. Chester comes home thoroughly exhausted at the end of the day after running for hours and hours at the farm. One would think her fees would be much more than the average doggie day care, but rates are unbelievably reasonable. Nikki started out as Chester's doggie day care provider.....now she is a wonderful friend. I feel so lucky to have her a part of my every day life and I don't know what I'd do without her. DOGLANDIA ROCKS!!!" -Clare Cross

  • "I have a 10 Year old West Highland Terrier named JP. We moved to Portland 3 1/2 years ago, and tried a lot of the doggie day care places. They were expensive, and Jp was not totally enthusiastic about spending time there. I am a Sales Rep and travel often. I felt stressed that my dog (my daughter), was not happy and was home alone a lot.
    One day, I saw Niki walking a bunch of dogs at 1000 Acres Park outside of Portland. I asked her if she was a dog walker/sitter, which she is, and got her info. Jp and I had our introduction with Niki a few days later, and her doggie care is affordable, fun and professional. She is constantly improving the space for the canines.
    Jp goes to Niki's 3-5 times a week, and sometimes for sleepovers. I have never seen such a constant smile on Jp's face in all the pictures Niki sends me each visit. I am constantly forwarding them to friends and family, who get a kick out of Jp and her pack of doggie friends.
    I am SO lucky I found Niki, and HIGHLY recommend her canine services. My dog and I are both so grateful." -COMET

  • "Niki has been such a wonderful dog sitter for Rosco over these last couple years. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a sitter. My sweet, old Min Pin has a few health problems and he is so great with him. Although, I wish he was healthier so he could join her and the other dogs on all their fun walks! I was worried about leaving him initially with all his medical issues, but then she texted me to tell me how great he was doing there! That was very much appreciated and put me at ease. I have no doubt that Rosco has a great time there. In addition to the daily walks, she also has a great dog run out back. I not only tell all my friends about her, but will continue to use her myself anytime I need a sitter for Rosco. You won't find anyone better. :-)" -Elissa B

  • "Niki has been a godsend to our blue heeler Truman! Even though our boy is 9 years old, he still has the enthusiasm of a puppy, and can occasionally be a bit of handful. Before we found Niki, we had such a hard time finding someone to take care Truman when we had to go away because of his relentless energy. I can honestly say that I think Truman looks forward to his parents going out if town so he can run and play with Niki and her pack. Whenever we pick him up he's wearing a huge smile! Niki is the only person that has told us that she loves our dog, and that means so much to us... I don't know what we (or Truman) would do without her!" -Kate and Todd Duncan

  • "Like the other reviewers, I can't say enough good things about Niki and Austin. They are kind, responsive, and flexible to my travel schedule. Koa gets lots of exercise and excellent care. Updates on daily runs in the park or Columbia River Gorge always make me smile. My pup is a recent rescue, and I've also really appreciated Niki's advice as we figure each other out and work on some doggie anxiety issues. It's clear she's a natural with dogs. I feel lucky to have Niki and Austin to care for Koa when I'm away and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for doggy day care or boarding." -Carrie Sanneman

  • "We have been taking our papillon Lucy to Niki for 1 year. Lucy is always excited to go and totally exhausted upon our return. I trust her fully and even had the opportunity to take a walk along for the afternoon. It's quite an operation. I was amazed at how calm it was getting 10 dogs out of the house into the van. It is a must see! Thank you Niki for welcoming Lucy into the pack." -Jennifer

  • "I have taken my pomeranian mix to several doggie day care and boarding facilities, but my dog would always come home clinging and anxious. Now that my dog and I have been lucky enough to meet Niki, he comes home happy and exercised. Niki is the "dog whisperer" of NE Portland! She quickly gets to know your dog and his behaviors and manages him with the utmost kindness and love. Niki and Austin open their home to my dog and in return, he feels secure and at home. I highly recommend DoglandiaPDX for doggy dare care and/or boarding. You will be happy, but best of all, your dog will be happy." -Cathy

  • "Our Rudy dog has been cared for by Niki and Austin since he was a puppy. Rudy, always comes home happy and very tired! With our unpredictable schedules we never have to worry about Rudy. We know that he is with a great family and lots of friends to play with. Thank you for updating us daily on your field trips and how he is doing. Truly you both have provided us with the confidence and reassurance that our Rudy dog is loved on by his extended family" -The Russin Family

  • "I took my 6 month old puppy to Niki and Austin for his first stay away from me! What was supposed to be a 4 night stay ended up being a week.. They were so accommodating and flexible, I don't know what I would have done without them. Not only do they take the dogs to the park daily, but they also text you afterwards and let you know how much fun your puppy had! Niki is very friendly and had great advice, as this is my first puppy. I'm so glad I found them and plan to send all my friends and family to them!" -Brittney B

  • "Niki and Austin and my Mookie have been hanging out for about half a year, I believe. For me, it's always been clear Mookie loves being at their place: When we get there, he jumps out the door and trots over to the gate, tail wagging, eager to get in and say hi to his dog buddies and spend his day with Niki. When I arrive at night, he's been worn out and is ready for home and naps.
    If you seek a fun environment and good folks for your pups, you are at the right place. I will always be grateful I ran into Niki at Delta Park that one afternoon, even more grateful I was able to find her card again later when I needed it most. She has made these last few months so much better for me, and awesome for Moo! In some ways, I think he may have had the more adventurous summer!
    What? You're not sure, want to read more? Seriously?
    Call. Meet. Your schedule will be the better for it, as will your dog!
    Cheers!" -Stone Alexander

  • "A Giant Thank You to Niki & Austin. I have a 2 year old Doberman and she needs lots of exercise and she loves Niki and Austin. At my previous day care she resisted when we would go up to the building and I could tell she was not having fun there. When I arrive to Niki's she is excited and can't wait to play. She runs to the gate and doesn't look back. When I travel I can go in peace knowing that she is in good hands. I can't say enough Niki & Austin are fantastic." -Rick Putro

  • "I am very happy with this company they do a great job. I have watched them in action at the dog parks. They do an outstanding job working with the dogs. The dogs are well taken care of and in good safe care. I would recommend them any time and trust them completely! The owner kept us informed every day about our dogs while we were on vacation a few months ago!" -Dan Florea

  • "Finding Niki and Austin was like finding a diamond: such a treasure! I can't say enough good things about them. We have a goldendoodle, Baxter, who is super high-energy. He loves to play all day and this is the perfect home away from home for him. We love that he gets to roam freely, whether it's on a bed inside, or outside in a large fenced yard where he has plenty of other doggy friends. Best of all, you can tell Niki and Austin sincerely love dogs. That she takes them all on an adventure every single day is priceless! We trust them both fully and Baxter always comes home happy and well-exercised. Not to mention, it's the best price in town!" -Sophie Dichter

  • "Right away, you can tell Niki doesn't just love dogs but understands their language. She is the leader of their little pack; she is totally in control and they feel safe with her. Winston was tired, relaxed and happy when it was time for him to come home--always a good sign! I joked that he was sad the party had to end ... she exercised him every day and I think he felt spoiled! Another great thing is that they text you a daily status update just to let you know how your sweet pup is doing. So thoughtful!
    Austin and Niki are really easy to work with and are flexible even with crazy flight schedules. Niki has a calm, gentle spirit and her affinity with animals is evident.
    I highly recommend Austin and Niki for doggy day care and long-term boarding." -Krista

  • "I have been taking my dog to Niki for two years now and we both could not be happier. I have left my dog Blanca there for the day and for week long stays as well. Even though Blanca associates going there with me leaving, she is still happy to go walking up to the gate without hesitation. That says to me that there is trust and a bond she has developed with Niki and Austin. Niki is a natural with dogs, sweet, gentle, and has endless patience. We are lucky to have found her, I couldn't manage my crazy schedule without her. I highly recommend Niki and Austin for anyone looking for loving care of their dog." -Elizabeth Galloway

  • "Niki is amazing with dogs! Our dog enjoyed his stay with Niki everytime! He was very well pampered and got taken out to the park every day! I would highly recommend Niki!" -Ying & Qiao

  • "When we first dropped off our six year old cocker spaniel, we were very worried about his first time not being with the family. Niki and Austin took Boris in as part of there family. They cared for him and completed all of our needs. The young couple dedicates there life for dogs. You can tell by the smiles on there faces and the happiness that floods your dog. This is the first time we have ever tried Niki's and Austin's service, but definitely not the last. We greatly appreciate there time and dedication." -Elina D.

  • "We were really nervous going out of town and leaving charlie in a doggie care, for the first time. Finding Nikki was like finding another best friend for Charlie. He's so excited to be there, wagging his tail jumping up and down as he gets near Nikki's place. Nikki and Austin take care of Charlie just like their own family member. We feel so comfortable leaving Charlie with them because we know he'll be well taken care of and will get to run and play all the time. We''d like to thank Nikki and Austin for their dedication and love they show to our baby :)" -Shruti & Seshank